Thermor Pacific

Energy conservation and improved comfort
2012-10-19 Åseda Profilgruppen, Kompetens, broacher, Go brave


The quest for reduced energy consumption permeates virtually all sectors of society. The French radiator manufacturer Thermor Pacific develops and markets energy-saving radiators for homes and premises.

ProfilGruppen has earned confidence as a supplier of aluminium profiles for their radiators. Thermor Pacific is a member of the Atlantic Groupe, which manufactures and markets radiators to around 100 countries. The latest generation of radiators are sensor-controlled and detect whether there are people in the room or the premises. When this is not the case, the temperature is lowered, to be raised again when someone enters. This saves energy while optimising the temperature comfort.

Advanced technology and design are important success factors for the marketing of the radiators. Following a successful collaboration and extensive experience acquired over more than ten years, ProfilGruppen is a preferred supplier to Atlantic Groupe. The customer places high demands on form and tolerances, while aesthetic requirements are also high. ProfilGruppen was privileged to be brought in early in the development work, which means that our design department can really stand tall on the tightrope. The challenge inherent in the project has been the combination of high demands placed on form and function as well as on aesthetics. This has been a prerequisite for ProfilGruppen to come in as early as possible in the development work in order to be able to deliver high quality in both of these areas. The commitment of all employees was needed to have a complete solution in place for the customer in terms of product development and logistics in a European perspective. Together, we have built a successful partnership as a road to the success that has been created in the project.