Thermor Pacific

Energy conservation and improved comfort
2012-10-19 Åseda Profilgruppen, Kompetens, broacher, Go brave

Aluminium extrusions aid energy conservation and improve comfort

The quest for reduced energy consumption characterizes practically every segment of society. French radiator manufacturer Thermor Pacific develops and sells energysaving radiators for residences and other premises.

ProfilGruppen enjoys a growing position as a supplier of aluminium extrusions for their latest radiator generation. Thermor Pacific is part of Atlantic Groupe, which manufactures and sells radiator to a hundred or more countries. The latest generation radiators are sensor controlled and detect when there are people in a room or premises. When no-one is there the temperature is reduced; it is raised again when people enter. This saves energy while also optimizing temperature comfort. Advanced technology and design are important success factors in radiator marketing. The order for aluminium extrusions for the new generation radiators is a testimony to a successful collaboration dating back more than ten years. These days ProfilGruppen is a preferred supplier to Atlantic Groupe.


“The customer sets high standards on form and tolerances while keeping aesthetic requirements high. We have the advantage of getting involved in development work early, which means our design department gets to show off its skills. You could say we are there right from the start, and we appreciate our close collaboration with Atlantic Groupe,” says Jan Hultinsson, Design Engineer at ProfilGruppen. The distance between France and Sweden is no hinder. The two companies have developed a joint logistics solution with warehousing in France that enables suborders and deliveries within 24 hours to Thermor Pacific.

Jan Hultinsson

Design Engineer at ProfilGruppen
What challenges did the project present?
It was primarily a combination of high standards regarding form, function and aesthetics. For me it was the necessity of entering the design work as early as possible to be able to deliver high quality in both of these areas.

What were the demands on ProfilGruppen?
The need to see the entire chain of commitments to Atlantic Group; i.e. both product development and logistics, from a European standpoint. We needed the commitment of every employee to provide the customer with a total solution.

What was the most important reason behind the success?
In this case I would say it was because both parties saw our partnership as a means to success.