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Peace of mind from start to finish

Peace of mind from start to finish

Market closeness

Gram Commercial manufactures its low-energy refrigerators and freezers in its factory in Vojens, Denmark. Due to the decision of going against the convention and retain the activity in Denmark has backed up by investment in production and process technologies. The closeness to the market gives Gramm the flexibility necessary in dealings with customers and allows the company to provide very short delivery times and extended service.

The production is backed by Gramm´s own development, sales and service organisation in Vojens, allowing to react quickly and efficiently to customer requests and remain at the forefront of developments in the markets.

Eco Friendly

Gram Commercial’s objective is to be, at all times, the preferred and leading brand within energy-saving, environmentally friendly refrigerator and freezer products. With the ECO FRIENDLY logo, Gram want to emphasise the environmental benefits of its products.

Energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of refrigerators and freezers is a crucial factor not only for the global environment but also for the local work environment in professional kitchens. For it’s a fact that the electricity used by refrigerators or freezers generates heat which is given off to the surrounding environment. So the lower their energy consumption, the less heat the cabinets will create. And, as anyone who has worked in a professional kitchen will tell you, this is a major benefit in everyday life.


Adding to a host of awards already achieved by the Superior Plus range since its 2014 launch, Gram’s SUPERIORPLUS K72G is now regarded as the most energy efficient and environmentally sustainable model in its class throughout Europe.

New Gram Generation 5

The new Generation 5.0 SUPERIOR and ECO models in the PLUS, TWIN, EURO and MIDI series of cabinets from Gram Commercial are replacing the earlier models in the same series. These new cabinets combine stylish design with high functionality and exceptionally low energy consumption.

In June 2013 Gram Commercial came to ProfilGruppen for help to finalize the design for aluminium extrusions for the new product line which was going to be presented at a big exhibition in Milano in September 2014. Time was running out.

A few days later, Country Manager Gunilla Danielsson and Design Engineer Ulf Storbjörk from ProfilGruppen went to Gram Commercial in Vojens to meet R & D team, Quality Manager Bo Hildebrandt and Purchase Manager Erling Hansen. With a lot of knowledge around the table a new design was finally created and the first order could be produced just in time for the exhibition.

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