Gram Commercial

Peace of mind from start to finish

Peace of mind from start to finish

Gram Commercial manufactures low-energy refrigerators and freezers at ITS factory in Vojens, Denmark. The decision to go against convention and keep the business in Denmark has been backed up by investments in production and process technology. Proximity to the market gives Gram the flexibility needed to manage its customers and enables the company to provide very short delivery times and extended service. Production is supported by Gram’s own development, sales and service organisation in Vojens, which makes it possible to respond quickly and efficiently to customer demand and thus remain at the forefront of market development.

Eco Friendly

Gram Commercial’s goal has always been to be the first and leading brand in energy-saving, environmentally friendly refrigerators and freezer products. With Eco Friendly, Gram wants to emphasise the environmental benefits of its products.

Energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of refrigerators and freezers is a crucial factor, not only for the global environment but also for the local working environment in professional kitchens. The lower the energy consumption, the lower the heat created, which is a great advantage in the work.


Grams SUPERIORPLUS K72G, which is added to a number of prizes already won by the Superior Plus series since the start of 2014, is considered the most energy efficient and environmentally sustainable model in its class throughout Europe.

New Gram Generation 5

The new models Generation 5.0 SUPERIOR and ECO in the PLUS, TWIN, EURO and MIDI series of cabinets from Gram replace previous models in the same series. These new cabinets combine elegant design with high functionality and exceptionally low energy consumption.

Since June 2013, ProfilGruppen has collaborated with Gram and completed the design for aluminium profiles for the new product line. The new design was finally achieved following a rewarding collaboration with a lot of knowledge from both parties.