Extrusions with style

Few materials have as many positive characteristics as aluminium. With aluminium, a furniture designer can make almost any concept a reality. The fact that it is a maintenance-free, durable and beautiful material makes designing even easier.

Sophisticated and stylish

We are an important partner to the furnishing industry. Aluminium is light, strong and highly ductile. Its flexibility and durable surface opens the door on a whole host of design possibilities for structures of various types. Surface-treated aluminium requires minimal maintenance and retains its newness year after year.

As an expert in aluminium, we have long been a partner to many furnishing companies. These partnerships have been successful, probably because we, like aluminium itself, are flexible and easy to work with. We believe in personal commitment, direct contact and a high level of service. Our approach delivers pure and functional design.
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Right surface strengthens

Aluminium is a metal with endless possibilities. By applying a surface treatment, your product can be tailored to meet your requirements precisely. Anodising, an economic and environmentally-friendly surface treatment method, produces eye-catching colours and bespoke surface characteristics.