Professional industrial doors

Professional industrial doors

Prido was founded in 1973 and a year after, the first product was launched – the Lida door. During the first year the doors were a great success among the farmers of Sweden. Today Prido focus on industrial doors and is the leading player in their field. In Tråvad folding doors are produced in a highly automated and modern facility, where both development and production are brought together.

The company partly uses direct sales through its seven sellers in Tråvad and two sellers in its affiliate company in Norway. It is through direct sales most of the products are sold, but there are also resellers at hand. The main market of the company is in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Prido has made developments for about 20-30 million for the past three years, which has resulted in a competitive facility and therefor the customers are offered highly competitive prices.

ProfilGruppen has been a supplier for Prido for almost 20 years.

  • Thanks to a long and highly developed cooperation on all levels, Prido can use our resources and knowledge while constantly developing their system of doors, says Mikael Granlund, account manager at ProfilGruppen. A good example is when the door cases in the access doors will be exchanged from steel profiles to aluminum profiles with “thermal break”.
  • The cooperation with ProfilGruppen works really well, it is rarely any problems, says Joakim Bengtsson, purchase manager at Prido.
  • The price is an important part of a supplier, but then there are other parts that are equally important, like delivery precision and quality. A halt in our production is highly expensive and therefor it is important with high delivery precision at the supplier.

ProfilGruppen manufactures all aluminum profiles that are a part of Pridos doors. Prido then uses their own trucks to transport the ordered profiles directly from ProfilGruppen’s warehouse in Åseda.

  • ProfilGruppen is involved at an early stage and to us it is important with a supplier we can count on, says Josephine Stjärnerfält, CEO at Prido.
  • We appreciate that Mikael keeps us up-to-date with commodity prices and such things, which means we don’t have to keep track on that ourselves, says Josephine.

Prido has two brands, the folding door Ecolid and the high speed door Revolid. They deliver both technology, finish and design combined with a low cost for purchase and household.

  • Mikael Granlund concludes that the cooperation with Prido is a win-win-situation for the both of us, with support from Josephine and Joakim.