Professional industrial doors


Aluminium – Maintenance-free, virtually indestructible, malleable, lightweight and beautiful. It is understandable that aluminium as a construction and building material is becoming increasingly important. Building with aluminium is building for the future. Industrial profiles in aluminium are strong, malleable, durable and maintenance-free, and therefore very suitable as a construction material in a wide variety of contexts. Then, aluminium is well suited as a construction material for the development of Prido doors, which deliver technology, finish and design combined with low cost for purchasing departments and for households.

For many years, ProfilGruppen has enjoyed a well-developed cooperation with Prido – a company completely focused on industrial doors and the leading player in the industry. ProfilGruppen produces all the aluminium profiles incorporated into Prido’s door range. Prido then picks up the profiles using its own vehicles following call-off directly from ProfilGruppen’s warehouse in Åseda.

We at ProfilGruppen always work closely with our clients and consider it an honour to deliver a personal and professional approach where the focus is on expectations and needs. We work according to a structured and well-defined model – everything to be able to ensure that profile or component is the best we can deliver.

Thanks to our long cooperation, Prido is able to utilise the resources and knowledge we have at ProfilGruppen in its ongoing development of the company’s door systems,