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Joint development gave smarter Braille embossers

Of course it’s possible to develop products in a single project that provide higher quality, better performance, lower weight and less maintenance. Just ask Index Braille – makers of high quality Braille embossers – following their extremely successful development collaboration with ProfilGruppen.

With more than 30 years’ experience the Swedish company Index Braille is the world’s biggest producer of Braille embossers. Braille embossers aimed at schools, organizations, governments and individuals are exported to more than 60 countries every year. The company enjoys high annual growth and has a share greater than one third of the Braille embosser market. The two companies have collaborated since the middle of the 1980s, and ProfilGruppen is sole supplier of aluminium components to Index Braille. ProfilGruppen’s latest assignment was to develop a new generation print head for the new BrailleBox model together with the customer. The goal was clear: the print head should take up less space, be easier to install and simpler to maintain. The new BrailleBox embosser has also won the Red Dot Design Award. Over 4,000 submissions from 60 countries took part in the competition. The design stems from the result of a university examination by two students at Luleå University of Technology.


“We succeeded in replacing several plastic parts and screws that were difficult to install with a special extrusion shape and snap fastener functions. We have built in everything that can be built in directly in the extrusion. This saves effort, time and money and lasts significantly longer,” says Ulf Storbjörk, Design Engineer at ProfilGruppen.

Ulf Storbjörk

Design Engineer at ProfilGruppen
What was the project’s biggest challenge?
Replacing several individual parts and attachments with a single extrusion without departing from size and shape. What’s more, installation had to be quicker at our customer.

What was the recipe for success?
Extremely close collaboration with the client. We’ve worked together many years which means we know the client very well, both the people and the products.

How would you summarize the result?
Thanks to our joint development work we have created profiles that are both more efficient for the customer and significantly more economical to produce. They have been optimized as far as physically possible.