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High-quality Braille printers have been the outcome of a mutually favourable collaboration between Index Braille and ProfilGruppen. The printers have been developed against goals of enhanced performance, improved quality, lower weight and a minimal need for maintenance. With more than 30 years of experience, the Swedish company Index Braille is the largest manufacturer of braille embossers to the global market. Braille’s focus is on the export of embossing printers to schools, organisations, governments and individuals. ProfilGruppen is the sole supplier of aluminium components to Index Braille, which exports to more than fifty countries every year.

ProfilGruppen has developed a new generation of print heads for the new BrailleBox model with this objective in mind. Its efforts proved successful when the BrailleBox embosser was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award after more than 4,000 entries from 60 countries participated in the competition. Joint development resulted in smarter braille printers.

Together with Index Braille, ProfilGruppen has succeeded in replacing several difficult-to-install plastic components and screws, with the help of special profile design and snap-in functions. The biggest challenge of the project was for one and the same profile to replace several loose parts and mountings without yielding to size and configuration. Following a very close collaboration with many years of experience between them, ProfilGruppen and Index Braille have together developed profiles that are both more effective for the customer and considerably more economical to manufacture. They have been optimised as far as it possible can go.