Increased cooling capacity

High efficiency


Completely new conditions are now able to be created by ProfilGruppen’s new generation of heatsinks that are tailor-made to suit your needs. Thanks to refined design and manufacturing methods, designs that were previously thought of as “impossible” have now become fully achievable.

We at ProfilGruppen can optimise your heatsinks according to your needs and wants. The key to higher cooling power has come through a thorough review of the properties of the heatsink. A customised profile achieves maximum performance and it is not uncommon to be able to accommodate power increases of up to 50%. Our topmost competence is what you receive, by way of straightforward communication and simple decision paths that take a holistic approach to the assignment you engage us to fulfil.

For larger projects, we designate a dedicated project manager with the technical expertise to drive a project through every one of its phases – from initial analysis to a completed profile. Behind the scenes, of course, you’ll find everything from designers to tool manufacturers ready to make their contributions to the project when they are needed. Our collective experience guarantees you a qualified partner who makes even heavy development projects feel light.

1. Analysis

ProfilGruppen collects data and makes an initial analysis of your profile’s technical requirements. We look at design, complexity, durability and various manufacturing aspects. If construction of the profile seems reasonable, we produce a simulation to see how we can improve it.

2. Simulation

The profile is simulated in a computer environment where we make calculations and investigate and correct the heat flow. For example, we might change the number of flanges, the length and thickness to fine-tune the profile’s properties. This is a cost-effective way to test the heatsink prior to manufacture. When we have achieved the desired properties, you receive a report to review.

3. Production Calculation

Prior to manufacture, calculations are made to adapt the profile to the production process. When the construction is complete, we produce a final profile drawing. After checking and approval, it is time to develop the tool that will shape the profile.

4. Manufacture

In collaboration with a tool supplier, our tooling department draws up specifications for the tool. We also produce accurate instructions for use to minimise any risks during production. Now everything is ready to begin manufacturing your new, efficient heatsink.