Increased cooling capacity

High efficiency

Optimisation increases the cooling capacity

The key to an increased cooling capacity is achieved through accurately and thoroughly mapping the cooling profile’s characteristics. It is not unusual to increase the cooling capacity by up to 50% of a tailor-made profile once it has been optimised.

From analysis to profile

When you come to ProfilGruppen with an enquiry we immediately put you in contact with the right person. Direct communications combined with simple working processes are greatly appreciated by our customers. That is why, with ProfilGruppen, you always get a contact person who takes total control over your project and specific requirements. With larger projects we ensure you get a project manager who has the technical competence to manage your project throughout every phase of the development, from initial analysis to the finished profile. Backing up the project manager we have all the resources and skills on-hand ready to contribute to your project as and when they are needed.

1. Analysis

ProfilGruppen first gather all the critical data and make a preliminary analysis of your profile’s technical requirements. We look into every design, complexity, durability and manufacturing issue. If the profile’s construction appears viable we then simulate it to see how we can improve it.

2. Simulation

The profile is simulated within a computer environment where we make critical calculations as well as investigating and verifyingthe heat distribution. We can, for example, alter the number of flanges, their length and thickness, to finely tune the profile’s characteristics. This is a cost-effective way of testing the cooling profile prior to manufacture. When we have achieved the desired characteristics you receive a full report to review.

3. Productionisation

Before manufacture we calculate the best way of adapting the profile for cost-efficient production. When the design is optimised we provide you with a final profile blueprint. After you have checked and approved it we progress the tool, which will form the profile.

4. Manufacture

Our toolmakers work in close cooperation with a tool supplier to ensure the tool specifications are accurately followed. We even take forward precise process instructions to eliminate potential risks during production. When everything is clear we start to manufacture the new, more effective cooling profile.


Optimised cooling profiles

In this optimisation example we decreased the bottom plate’s size, and created more and thinner flanges. On the same surface and height the average temperature was lowered by 42 degrees, which corresponds to an improved cooling effect of 22%.