Conductive solutions

Aluminium is a very good conductor of electricity and heat in all types of electronic and telecommunications equipment. Where there are stringent requirements on conductive and cooling abilities, low weights, minimal volumes and durability, aluminium extrusions are the obvious choice.

Cutting edge expertise

We have developed many solutions where the ability of aluminium to conduct heat and electricity has been exploited in applications for the telecoms/electronics/
power generation industry. Our unique Alutin surface treatment method enables us to make the surface of our extrusions electrically conductible, solving the problem of grounding in electronic units with an aluminium casing. As an expert in aluminium, we have long been a partner to many companies in the electronic industry. These partnerships have been successful, probably because we, like aluminium itself, are flexible and easy to work with. We believe in personal commitment, direct contact and a high level of service. Welcome to ProfilGruppen!

Optimised cooling extrusions

When ABB needed new cooling extrusions, they turned to ProfilGruppen. We produced extrusions that had a considerably smaller surface whilst still retaining the required cooling characteristics. In addition, the new solution was cost-effective thanks to the use of a simpler production process.

And we work

We work to a structured and well-defined model in order to ensure that your extrusion or component is brought to optimal levels. Contact us when your product is at the conceptual stage, and we’ll do everything we can to help you get as close as possible to your requirements.