Aluminium windows out of the ordinary


Window manufacturer Maximalfönster in Åshammar was founded in 2000 and has enjoyed a successful business career. Its business concept is founded on unique, innovative turnkey window solutions. The company’s production facility is located in Åshammar and its market base is primarily in Sweden.

Maximalfönster has with three main products within which unique aluminium construction contributes to the installation of a window up to 70 percent faster than a traditional window replacement.
Damage that can take place to end strips and external plaster with a window replacement is eliminated and contributes to the replacement taking less time and thus becoming very cost effective.

Since 2014, ProfilGruppen has collaborated exclusively with the window manufacturer in delivering aluminium profiles. ProfilGruppen has 140 different profile variants it can offer Maximalfönster for inclusion in its product portfolio, which comprises three different windows capable of being modified according to their customers’ wishes. For us at ProfilGruppen, this blend of an appropriate product range together with good client relations creates excellent conditions for a winning concept for both parties. We always need to keep our ear against the rails and understand the challenges faced by Maximalfönster in their marketplace in order to be able to adapt as much as possible what we are able to offer them. Thanks to our being able to “tell it like it is” when we talk together and our good respect for each other’s operations, we have succeeded in finding an excellent business model and one in which we are both proud and grateful for the confidence we have be shown as their exclusive aluminium supplier.