Aluminium windows out of the ordinary

Aluminium windows out of the ordinary

The window manufacturer Maximalfönster in Åshammar was founded in the year 2000. The company started as a small-scale business but has grown bigger ever since.  The business concept is based upon unique, innovative and complete window solutions. Production is located in Åshammar, Sweden and the company’s primary market is found in Sweden.

Unique aluminium construction

The product portfolio mainly comprises three window ranges with unique designs that enable a new window to be fitted up to 70 percent faster than a traditional replacement. This, combined with the fact that damage to window flannings and exterior plaster has been eliminated, makes these windows extremely cost effective. The use of aluminium extrusions in the design increases product lifetime compared to other materials while keeping future maintenance needs to a minimum.

ProfilGruppen and Maximalfönster made a new deal in October 2014, where ProfilGruppen got exclusive supplier status to Maximalfönster for delivering aluminium profiles. ProfilGruppen produces  an assortment of 140 different profiles to their portfolio, consisting of three different window ranges varying in appearance according to client demands.

The cooperation between ProfilGruppen and Maximalfönster

To Profilgruppen, the mix of a suitable product assortment and good business relations is essential to find a win-win concept with each other.  We always have to be attentive to understand Maximalfönster’s  challenges in their market, in order to adjust our offer as far as possible.  Thanks to straightforwardness in the dialogue and respecting each others businesses, we have found a working business model where we are proud and thankful for the confidence they have placed in us as their exclusive aluminium supplier.