Skandinaviska Glassystem

Aluminium to the fore


In 2018, Swedbank’s new head office was inaugurated in Sundbyberg, Stockholm, where ProfilGruppen participated in the project and delivered the profiles housing the panes of glass.

The Swedbank head office is one of many landmarks in which Skandinaviska Glassystem and ProfilGruppen have operated together. Previous and successful collaborations have, for example, been SaxoBank, Bella Hotell, Victoria Tower and Allershuset as well as Industriens Hus. All of these have been built using profiles from ProfilGruppen.

Swedbank had high ambitions for design and functionality for its new head office. Especially, in the design of the glass façade, where of course we at ProfilGruppen were careful to take into account the wishes of the customer. Production has been a significant undertaking, setting demands on both production planning and smart logistics solutions over the course of the year in which the construction work was going on. The challenges that the project presented us with were to optimise the profiles so that they satisfied designated design and assembly criteria. But we also had to ensure as efficient a production process as possible and that the logistics all the way up to final assembly were realisable. Our previous experience of finding flexible solutions and consistent management for both coordinated logistics and manufacturing proved significant for this project as it was a challenge for us.