Skandinaviska Glassystem

Aluminium to the fore

Aluminium to the fore at Swedbank’s new head office

Swedbank’s new head office in Sundbyberg, with space for 2,500 employees, will boast almost 15,000 square metres of glazed facade. Skandinaviska Glassystem is responsible for the glass sections and ProfilGruppen will deliver the extrusions the glass is set in.

“This assignment is as exciting as it is complex. A real challenge that required close collaboration with ProfilGruppen,” says Patric Widén, Regional Manager and Project Manager at Skandinaviska Glassystem. Swedbank’s new head office will be yet another landmark collaboration between Skandinaviska Glassystem and ProfilGruppen. Project builder is Humlegården Fastigheter and the building was designed by Danish architects 3XN. “We began delivering extrusions during the second quarter of 2012, a few months after the deal was signed. We work closely with Skandinaviska Glassystem on everything from parts design and structural optimization to final extrusion module delivery.” “We’ve worked with Skandinaviska Glassystem on a number of landmark projects such as SaxoBank, Bella Hotell, Victoria Tower, Allershuset and Industriens Hus, all of which were built with the aid of extrusions from ProfilGruppen. The Swedbank project not only contains many different extrusion cross sections but also modular manufacturing,” Jonathan Magnusson, Key Account Manager at ProfilGruppen tells us.


Swedbank has high ambitions for the form and function of its new head office, especially when it comes to the design of the glass facade, which to a significant extent is doubleskinned with integrated solar shades; this also has an impact on the aluminium extrusions. Many are unique, and have many parts. This is a significant deal and it makes demands on both production planning and smart logistics solutions during the year or more in which construction continues. “The whole project is characterized by far-reaching green thinking, where above all energy optimization leads the way,” says Patric Widén. The guiding design principle for the new head office was to live up to Swedbank’s core values: simplicity, openness, consideration. The bank moves into its new offices in the 2014 New Year.

Anna -Lena Gustafsson, back office and Jonathan Magnusson, Key Account Manager

What challenges did Skandinaviska Glassystem present?
For us they came in two parts – firstly optimizing the extrusions so that they met requirements for design and installation, and secondly making sure production was as efficient as possible and that logistics worked all the way out to installation.

Was anything in the project especially difficult?
To be specific I can say that the challenge resides in finding flexible solutions and handling for both coordinated logistics and manufacturing. But we’re used to that from other projects.