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Teknova is a family-owned company from Östergötland, which for more than 30 years has delivered high quality balcony- front- and window products, prefabricated “wet room cassettes” and renovation systems for bathrooms. The company delivers flexible and custom made products, with an environmental approach and with development and self- improvement constantly in progress. The key word for the company’s products is aluminium – a modern, recyclable material with long life and minimum maintenance.

ProfilGruppen has collaborated and developed along with Teknova for more than 20 years, and almost all aluminium profiles come from ProfilGruppen who is the main supplier. ProfilGruppen is involved early in the process – from draft to construction and finally to a finished product.


Teknova delivers customized solutions for both renovation and for new balconies, where their products in aluminium give a unique design for each property. Balustrades and screens come in a wide range of models suitable for all building types and time periods, whether you want to keep the original architecture of the building or accentuate the new and modern. The railing frameworks are made of extruded aluminium profiles and are available in anodized or powder painted finish.
The possibilities and functionality of the glazed balcony have become an object of increased interest. The benefits are manifold; creating an extra room, prolonging the season and eventually rendering a decreased energy cost. With four different glazing systems, Teknova can offer glazing for the entire project as well as piecewise glazing for separate balconies.


Teknovas high quality ”wet room cassettes” are made of a 100% recyclable extruded aluminium for a light and stable but yet robust construction completely in corrosion free material for a demanding wet room environment. The products are designed to suit any bathroom and provide a discrete installation, furthermore to be accessible to service and for future interchangeability. The wall system is constructed for future demands on bathroom renovation, with shorter installation time and decreased environmental impact. The system contains a flushing cistern for WC and pre-mounted pipes for connection to sewers. The water closet bowl is wall-hung and there are no visible drains in the wall or floor.