Raufoss Technology

Highest Quality

Vehicle components of the highest quality

Raufoss Technology in Norway specialises in systems and components for the automotive industry. Concentrating on safety components for chassis designs means that innovation, low weight and high quality requirements are of the greatest importance to Raufoss. Aluminium, with its low weight and good properties, is therefore seen as a material for the future by the automotive industry.

The partnership between Raufoss and ProfilGruppen began in 2001 with discussions about developing two aluminium components for an international car manufacturer. One of the components is an intrusion element for the rear lever arm, the second is the casing that contains the bushing for the front wheel suspension.

Dedicated production line


With Raufoss’ specification of requirements to hand, ProfilGruppen began to sketch tool designs and soon began the manufacture of small test batches of samples. After approximately one year of development work, production began in small quantities that have been gradually increased. For example, ProfilGruppen produces more than 750,000 bushing housings for Raufoss every year. This takes place in a dedicated and fully automated production line at ProfilGruppen Manufacturing, a processing company wholly owned by the group, which specialises in high volume component production.

In the quality laboratory situated next to production, regular SPC checks and measurements ensure that each delivery complies with the demanding specifications.

Skilled development work

The automotive industry generally places high demands on its working partners and on the components it buys in. ProfilGruppen has worked with customers in this industry for a long time, but nevertheless the assignment from Raufoss became special. The components ProfilGruppen are contracted to produce are safety critical. This means that the actual component must satisfy tough tolerance requirements and the
manufacturing process must be quality assured. In this, traceability is an important element as the automotive industry has as a requirement to be able to deduce from which batch each component comes.