Raufoss Technology

Highest Quality


The Norwegian company Raufoss Technology AS specialises in systems and components for the automotive industry. With a focus on chassis construction safety componentry, Raufoss places the utmost importance on innovation, low weight and high quality. Aluminium, with its low weight and excellent properties, is therefore seen as the material of the future in the automotive industry.

For many years, ProfilGruppen has been working actively together with Raufoss in the development of aluminium components for the automotive industry. ProfilGruppen has produced outline tool designs and manufactured prototype series for outcome testing. After a successful design, we have gained greater confidence and the series have increased. Development work takes place in a fully automated production line at ProfilGruppen’s processing facility. Careful checks and measurements are carried out on a regular basis that each delivered series is produced within stipulated tolerances.


The automotive industry places generally high demands on its partners and on the components they purchase. ProfilGruppen works actively and carefully to ensure that the components that have been manufactured are safety classified by way of rigorous tolerance demands.