Environmental policy

Our fundamental outlook is:

– that the activities of the company shall contribute towards the long-term sustainability of society
– that products based on our aluminum profiles should be beneficial from a lifecycle perspective
– that our business is thrilled by commitment and consideration about our environment

We shall:

  • fulfill laws and other binding requirements
  • work preventively to protect the environment and strive for the least negative environmental impacts
  • work with continuous improvements in our processes and housekeeping with nature resources which means:
    • material efficiency, reducing the proportion of scrap in our processes
    • energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption per unit produced
    • transport efficiency, reducing the environmental impact of transports that are linked to our operations
    • other resource efficiency, minimizing the use of natural resources and reducing waste and waste generation
  • recycle the aluminum scrap that occurs in our production processes
  • when purchasing, strive for the choice of sustainable and energy efficient goods and services
  • promote transition to renewable energy and utilize the possibility of energy exchange with the surrounding society wherever possible
  • help and inform customers to energy and environmentally sustainable structures that facilitate recycling
  • give our employees the resources and skills needed to meet the requirements of this policy.