When you contact ProfilGruppen with an enquiry, you probably have some requirements with regard to function or design. If the inquiry is well-defined and you already have an extrusion design of your own, we can advance more rapidly with the work.

Technical examination

A technical examination is intended to find out how we can satisfy your requirements in the most optimum way. We investigate your inquiry from two perspectives, Extrusion Engineering and Production Engineering. In the extrusion engineering examination an analysis of the function of the profile is involved. This is where we provide a review of the product to determine if there is scope for optimisation. ProfilGruppen also check functional design which may mean proposed changes to the profile.

During the production engineering review, we ensure that the right resources are available to manufacture the extrusion in accordance with your specification. We analyse whether further machining is required and, if so, which method is most suitable for the product. One important question is what volumes are forecast you want as this influences the choice of tools and methods.



When the technical examination is completed, a proposal from ProfilGruppen will be submitted. A detailed drawing of the extrusion is often included in the proposal. This is an important document between us, but also for the ordering of tools and production. In the proposal, a quote is included where we indicate the cost of producing your extrusion in accordance with the given technical and volume-based specifications.