Some key years in ProfilGruppen’s development since the start in 1981:


  • ProfilGruppen’s fourth press, Tor, was completed at the turn of the year
  • Decision to certify the company according to the industry’s own sustainability standard, by ASI and certification according to ISO 45001, a management system for work environment


  • Start up of new ERP-system and building of a new extrusion line for aluminium profiles, press Tor
  • CEO Fredrik Zöögling starts at ProfilGruppen


  • ProfilGruppen makes a historically good year again, investments in a new ERP system and in a new extrusion line for aluminium profiles, press Tor, is started up


  • ProfilGruppen makes a historically good year with a operating profit over MSEK 100


  • ProfilGruppen continues to expand by signing a new major contract through the subsidiary PG&WIP AB


  • ProfilGruppen sign a contract for the largest business deal in the history of the Group and an entirely new, fully automated production facility has been build up
  • The subsidiary PG&WIP AB is formed


  • Anders Frisinger left his position as CEO
  • CEO Per Thorsell starts at ProfilGruppen
  • Rights issue


  • Extensive recruitment at the marketing- and sale side
  • Kåre Wetterberg assumes as Chariman of the Board


  • Disposal of manufacturing plant in Klavreström
  • Anders Frisinger starts his position as CEO


  • 30-years jubilee!
  • On 1 January Claes Seldeby assumed the position as President and CEO of ProfilGruppen. On September 1, the CEO left his position due to family reasons, and was replaced by CFO Peter Schön as acting CEO.
  • Major fire at the largest production facility.


  • Competensdevelopment, EU financed project “Aluminium in new ways”.
  • ProfilGruppen participate at the exhibition ALUMINIUM 2010 in Essen


  • ProfilGruppen receives a two year contract from Bosch Rexroth AG, which makes ProfilGruppen one of the customer´s main suppliers of aluminium profiles.
  • The Sales Office in China is closed down.
  • Due to a continuous weak market ProfilGruppen announced in February further personnel reductions of 40 employees in the aluminium profile production at ProfilGruppen Extrusions AB in Åseda, Sweden.


  • Due to a declining market ProfilGruppen announced in December a personnel reduction of 20 employees at the processing production at ProfilGruppen Manufacturing.
  • In September ProfilGruppen participate at one of the world´s largest exhibitions for heavy vehicles – IAA in Hannover, Germany.
  • To face a declining market for aluminium profiles ProfilGruppen announced in October that the company must reduce the number employees with 55 persons.


  • The annual report was rewarded in the competition ”The Best Annual Report”.
  • Restructuring takes place of the German company PWG. In connection with the restructuring of PWG the shares owned by ProfilGruppen are transferred to the new owner. ProfilGruppen also signs a three year contract for deliveries to PWG.


  • ProfilGruppen acquires shareholding of 18 per cent in the German company PWG ProfilGruppen celebrates its 25 years anniversary.
  • Quality certification according to ISO-TS 16949:2002
  • ProfilGruppen participate at the exhibition ALUMINIUM 2006 in Essen
  • ProfilGruppen opens sales office in China.


  • The board proposes distribution of 86 MSEK to the shareholders
  • ProfilGruppen participate at Electronics/EP 2005 – the biggest Nordic Electronic Trade Fair.
  • ProfilGruppen focus on more qualified processing services and restructure´s its Swedish processing by concentrating advanced machining to ProfilGruppen Manufacturing AB and surface treatment of aluminium components to ProfilGruppen Components AB. Locally independent processing companies took over parts of the Group’s activities of CNC-machining. 11 MSEK are invested in ProfilGruppen Components AB for in an upgraded plant for surface treatment.


  • The annual report was rewarded first price in the competition “The Best Annual Report 2003”
  • ProfilGruppen participate at the exhibition Aluminium 2004 in Essen, Germany
  • ProfilGruppen acquires 40 per cent of the shares in the newly established Dutch company Realpro BV


  • ProfilGruppen dispose the shareholding in ProfilSvets Björn Jonsson AB. The friction stir welding is taken over by ProfilGruppen
  • ProfilGruppen Extrusions announces the redundancy of fifteen employees
  • To provide the stock liquidity, Remium Securities was appointed as liquidity guarantor
  • The annual report was rewarded in the competition “The Best Annual Report”


  • Nils Arthur is appointed as new CEO and President. Lars Johansson left his position at the Annual General Meeting in April
  • A new production line replaces an old. The investment, amounted in total to MSEK 20, makes it possible to manufacture the products faster, with greater precision and with less waste


  • After many years with operations in the UK a sales company is set up based in Matlock, Derbyshire
  • The subsidiaries Bergströms Metall and Elbe Anodisering, which are now totally co-ordinated, changed name in November to ProfilGruppen Components AB. At the same time ProfilMekanik changed its name to ProfilGruppen Manufacturing AB. Extrusion manufacture is placed in ProfilGruppen Extrusions AB. These name changes are intended to place a focus on the ProfilGruppen brand. The new names also underline the Group’s international focus. Processing competence was also strengthened through the establishment of ProfilSvets Björn Jonsson AB in Norrköping. ProfilGruppen owns 51 per cent of this company


  • The processing company Bergströms Metall AB i Klavreström is acquired by ProfilGruppen. Stockholmsbörsen changes its stock exchange lists and ProfilGruppen moves from the OTC to the O list. Samhall Brahe’s operations in Åseda are acquired and a manning agreement is signed with Samhall


  • A new business system is introduced in the second half of the year to enhance the efficiency of co-operation with customers and control of operations
  • In December, ProfilGruppen becomes the first Nordic company in its sector to be certified according to the automotive industry’s international quality system QS-9000


  • The subsidiary ProfilMekanik moves into new premises in Västra Industriområdet in Åseda. PTM Mekaniska i Åseda, a company specialised in bending extrusions, is acquired and integrated with ProfilMekanik
  • The first upper secondary school study programme in aluminium technology in Sweden starts in Sweden following an initiative from ProfilGruppen. The aluminium college will take students from throughout Sweden and is operated by the municipality. The new production facility, the Max press, is inaugurated in October and this MSEK 135 investment doubles the company’s extrusion manufacturing capacity. In December, ProfilGruppen receives certification according to the ISO 14001 environmental management system from Det Norske Veritas


  • A decision is made to invest in a third production facility for extrusion manufacture. ProfilGruppen Intressenter AB changes its name to ProfilGruppen AB. The company carries out a new issue and spread of ownership and is listed on the OTC list at the Stockholm Stock Exchange on 19 June


  • ProfilGruppen is certified according to ISO 9001 by Det Norske Veritas in conjunction with a total re-certification of the company


  • Following many years with operations in Germany a sales company is set up based in Stuttgart. Market share in Sweden rises to 15 per cent


  • Work on total quality assurance of the company’s operations is complemented with Kaizen, a method for continual improvements which involves everyone within the company


  • ProfilGruppen is certified according to ISO 9002 by Det Norske Veritas, and is the first Nordic company in its sector to receive such certification


  • The present holders of A shares, all of whom work at ProfilGruppen, acquire the company through ProfilGruppen Intressenter AB. A sales company is set up in Stockholm during the year. The National Licensing Board for Environmental Protection gives the green light to continued expansion in Åseda


  • The company’s second production line for extrusion manufacture is opened and provides a substantial capacity boost. “Discover Aluminium” is arranged for the second time


  • The focus on processing increases. ProfilMekanik i Åseda AB is started and Elbe Anodisering AB is acquired. ”Discover Aluminium”, the first aluminium trade fair in Europe, is arranged in Åseda on ProfilGruppen’s initiative


  • Export operations are developed through establishment of sales companies in Denmark and Norway. ProfilGruppen’s market share exceeds 10 per cent in 1984


  • ProfilGruppen starts its operations in Åseda with a production line for extrusion manufacture, following one year of preparations. The company’s founders include the present principal owners Lars Johansson and Mats Jonson, both with long experience from the extrusion industry