Alutin is a process for converting the inert anodised surface into one which is electrically conductive. By adding tin to the anodisation process, a natural-coloured surface layer that conducts electricity is achieved. This improves earthing conditions in certain electrical devices enclosed in aluminium cases. This characteristic is particularly beneficial in applications where EMS is important, for example, the electrical and telecommunications industries. Environmentally, alutin is better than many conventional methods, such as, for example, chromatography.


  • Tin is added during the anodization process.
  • Aluminum and tin form a composite layer that conducts current.
  • Works on profiles, aluminum sheet and castings.
  • Can be used on all alloys suitable for anodizing.
  • Available in natural color. Iridescent.


  • Conductive surface layer
  • Good wearability
  • Low friction
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Environmentally-friendly, chrome-free alternative
  • Cost-effective
  • Elegant surface
  • Can be used on most alloys
  • Good surface for painting