Surface treatment

Aluminium is a metal with countless possibilities. Properties such as malleability and low weight have made this particular metal the first choice for many designers. To them, aluminium is rewarding to work with, as it combines aesthetics with high durability.

Aluminium has a natural surface layer that can be both strengthened and modified. New exciting colours, resistant surfaces and modified electrical properties are all examples of what can be achieved through surface treatment. We are experts at surface treatment and have extensive experience of customising aluminium to meet ever-changing demands. There are several different methods of surface treatment, all with their special advantages.

In addition to in-house processing, processing is done in close collaboration with a number of suppliers specializing in cutting, welding, bending, surface treatment and assembly.

Common to the companies within the network is that they deliver directly to ProfilGruppen’s customers and that the customer has only one responsible supplier – ProfilGruppen.