Extrusion technology is undergoing constant development and the boundaries are continually being pushed back in respect of what is possible in terms of the cross-sectional design of aluminium profiles.

There are a number of parameters that govern cross-sectional design, a few of which we will look at here.

The direct extrusion process usually operates with a number of standardised ingot sizes ranging from 5″ up to in excess of 12″. In the case of very wide profiles (above 500 mm), rectangular ingots are used.

For each ingot size, there is a concrete upper profile size limit. Where conditions are favourable, and using special tool solutions, it is possible to produce a solid profile with a width approximately 140% of ingot diameter.

This means that profiles with a width of 360 mm can be produced from a 10″ ingot.

The drawing you can download below show you examples of the largest and smallest extruded profiles currently produced by ProfilGruppen.

Ingot dimensions at ProfilGruppen

ProfilGruppen’s presses work with 8″ ingots in 2,000-2,800 tonne presses, and with 10″ ingots in the 3,500 tonne press.