Several different general tolerances and special tolerances for aluminium extrusions are used within the ProfilGruppen Group. For each extrusion cross-section, we reach agreement with the customer regarding general tolerances and any special tolerances that are to apply for the production of that particular extrusion. These are then specified on the extrusion and processing drawings (produced by ProfilGruppen).

We always specify a general tolerance in the drawing header. Additional special tolerances are specified next to the dimension to which the tolerance is to apply or as text on the extrusion drawing. This special tolerance takes presidence over the general tolerance.

We usually apply the following general tolerances to aluminium extrusions:

  • SS EN755-9, for standard extrusions, extrusions with normal tolerance requirements and extrusions made from high durability alloys. European standard tolerance.
  • SS EN12020-2, for extrusions subject to stringent tolerance requirements that are not to be produced in high durability alloys. European standard tolerance.

For cutting processing of aluminium extrusions for parts/components, the following tolerance is usually applied:

  • SS-ISO 2768-1

Unfortunately, for reasons of copyright we are unable to describe the above tolerances in detail. Tolerances must instead be ordered from the standardisation body operating in the relevant country. In Sweden, this is SIS – The Swedish Standards Institute.