The first step toward the right extrusion properties.

For the best results it’s preferable to contact us early on in your project when there are greater opportunities to design an extrusion with optimum functionality. In aluminium designs we always try to integrate as many functions as possible into the cross-section and prepare for machining and assembly. This makes for a better extrusion and better overall costs.

The extrusion drawing – a crucial document
Our design department helps you develop your new extrusion and our designers deal with any problems, provide the extrusion with the right properties and prepare it for production. The extrusion drawing is the central document throughout the design process; it shows the extrusion cross-section and detailed information on dimensions, material, surface requirements and tolerances. It is used to assure the quality of every link in the manufacturing chain, including:

  • verifying that the drawing meets customer requirements and needs
  • the manufacture of extrusion tools
  • the control and supervision of production
  • documentation for suppliers of further processes.

When producing an extrusion drawing, the designer uses computer applications for calculations, optimization and simulation. They provide detailed information on extrusion properties without the need to manufacture prototypes for testing. When preparing drawings we use Solid Works, wich are able to communicate with most systems on the market.

Extrusion die manufacture
Based on extrusion drawings approved by you we order the necessary die for producing your aluminium extrusion. Profile specifications, order volume and special die requirements determine the choice of die supplier. Dies are made from hardened steel and are unique to each individual aluminium extrusion. Before a die is put into operation, it is carefully adjusted and a trial extrusion is made by our die department. The outcome is measured for comparison with the extrusion drawing to check that it is within tolerances and meet the requirements. We can also provide you with an initial sample if you wish.