Extrusion design

The extrusion process affords considerable flexibility in the design of various extrusion profiles.

Extrusions of aluminium

Aluminum can be extruded, cast and rolled into sheet metal. ProfilGruppen’s manufacturing method is extrusion. The profiles are manufactured by pressing a heated aluminum ingot with great force through a die, a tool. The hole in the matrix determines the shape of the profile. Both solid profiles and profiles with enclosed cavities can be pressed into strings.

Thanks to the good formability of aluminum, many different functions can be built into the profiles. It can be joints, screw pockets and circuit boards. This helps to simplify machining and assembly and increases the use possibilities. The profiles are adapted to each customer, product and application area. The design can be varied indefinitely. The choice of aluminum alloy gives the profile different properties. The cost of developing tools is relatively low and the set times are short. Therefore, extrusion allows the production of profiles and products even in short series.

In this section, we will give you tips and advice about the best way to design your aluminium extrusions. However, we have three pieces of general advice we would like to share with you.

  • Think ahead
    Making a change on the drawing board will cost only a fraction of what making a change to the finished product will.
  • Use the beneficial characteristics of the material
    Compactibility, good mechanical characteristics and an environmental durability are the principal properties of aluminium. Let us help you use those properties in the best possible way.
  • Ask our advice before finalising your extrusion design
    We know the process – use our expertise to achieve an optimal solution.