Aluminum recycling

Aluminium is our choice, from the outset and for the future. Aluminium is better from a lifecycle perspective than many of its rivals and can be used to develop sustainable products. It is an excellent choice for products that need to be adapted to a circular economy. This is partly because we can create more energy-efficient and sustainable solutions and partly because it is a genuinely 100 per cent recyclable metal.

Aluminium can be melted down and reused again and again, without losing any of its valuable and sustainable properties. The prospects for effective recycling are thus ideal. A very high share – over 90 per cent – of all aluminium extrusion-based products used in the construction, design and transportation industries are returned for recycling. The high value and easy recyclability of the material explain why the share is already so high. Recycling represents a 95 per cent energy saving compared with primary production.


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