This section will give you a more detailed insight into the technology, processes and parameters that affect the final results for aluminium extrusions or components. We interweave technical data with advice and tips about how to facilitate the design of aluminium extrusions/components. Aluminium, used in combination with power pressing technology and further processing, affords fantastic opportunities for the development of innovative solutions that create added value.

Aluminium - the material

Aluminium makes up approximately 8% of the Earth’s crust. After oxygen and silicon, it is the most abundant element. Aluminium is extracted from bauxite, a mineral quarried from open cast mines that litter the area around the equator.

Extrusion design

The extrusion process affords considerable flexibility in the design of various extrusion profiles. In this section, we will give you tips and advice about the best way to design your aluminium extrusions.

Extrusion manufacture

The extrusion process gives a great deal of freedom in designing different profile cross sections. In this section we will give you tips and advice on how to best design your aluminum profiles.


The surface quality varies depending on the alloy, the condition of the tool, the shape of the extrusion and process parameters used.

Further processing

High cutting speeds, low tool wear and low tool costs are important advantages that make aluminium easy to machine.