Sustainability on several fronts

At ProfilGruppen we always try to look at the big picture and for us the concept of sustainability is something that spans over several areas - all important pieces of the puzzle in our work to create the best conditions, whether its concerning the environment, individual, society or business.

Our care areas

An interaction between what we do in the big and the small is the basis for our ongoing sustainability commitment.
Our code of conduct provides support for employees’ actions.


Our basic principle is that we, as companies and individual employees, should engage and contribute positively to the development of the communities in which we operate.


Virtually all activities have an impact on the environment, positive or negative. Our aim is to minimize the negative impact and contribute to positive effects.


Consciously working to be an attractive workplace in order to attract, maintain and have the opportunity to develop employees with the right skills is an important strategic issue.


Our vision is to be the preferred supplier of innovative solutions of aluminium extrusions in Northern Europe.

Annual & Sustainability Report


At ProfilGruppen we always try to look at the big picture and for us the concept of sustainability is something that spans over several areas.

Environmental policy and certification

ProfilGruppen's overall environmental policy summarizes our views on environmental issues and how we should act. We are certified according to ISO 14001 that helps us to work systematically.

Efficient recycling cycle

A very high proportion, over 90 percent, of products based on aluminum profiles that are used in buildings, construction and transport are left for recycling. The high value of the material and smooth recycling affects the fact that the proportion is so high.

Materials and energy efficiency

Aluminium can be melted down and reused over and over again without losing any of its valuable and durable properties. There are thus perfect conditions for an efficient cycle.

Certification according to ASI

As a part of ProfilGruppens continuous effort to become more sustainable, we underwent a certification according to the sustainability standard of the aluminium industry wich is formed by Aluminium Stewardship Initiative, ASI. ASI is a global non profit organization that works to increase the sustainability contribution and transparency of the aluminium industry. The certification that ProfilGruppen underwent is the ASI Performance Standard, which includes strict demands regarding control functions and business ethics as well as environmental protections and social aspects. The protocol from DNV will be available at:




The responsibility to make a positive contribution to the local community is an unarguable fact for us, but we do not want to forget that we are part of something bigger and that we all have to work together to take care of our planet. We have chosen to become involved in Vi-skogen, an organisation that plants trees as a means of helping people out of poverty.


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