We are an important partner to the furnishing industry. Aluminium is light, strong and highly ductile. Its flexibility and durable surface opens the door on a whole host of design possibilities for structures of various types. Surface-treated aluminium requires minimal maintenance and retains its newness year after year. As an expert in aluminium, we have long been a partner to many furnishing companies.

Sophisticated and stylish

ProfilGruppen has since 2013 had a collaboration with Gram Commercial, which manufactures low-energy refrigerators and freezers at the factory in Vojens, Denmark. Together, the design of aluminum profiles for the new product line has been completed. After a favorable collaboration with a lot of knowledge from both parties, a new design was finally created.

Gram Commercial aims to always be the leading and leading brand in energy-saving, environmentally friendly refrigerators and freezer products. With Eco Friendly, Gram wants to emphasize the environmental benefits of its products. The energy efficiency of refrigerators and freezers is a crucial factor, not only for the global environment but also for the local work environment in professional kitchens. The lower energy consumption, the lower heat is created, which is a great advantage in the work.

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