Aluminium is a strong, ductile and durable material that requires zero maintenance, and is therefore the perfect choice for use in a variety of construction contexts. Its high resistance to corrosion and ability to withstand the elements mean that it can be used in an unlimited range of areas. We always work closely with our customers. We place great pride in adopting a personal and professional approach where your expectations and requirements are at the centre. It’s easy to work with us.

Aluminum as the team player in the industry

Prido was started in 1973 and the following year the first product was launched – Lidaporten. During the company’s first year, the gates were a great success among Sweden’s farmers. Today, Prido is completely focused on industrial doors and the leading player in the industry. In Tråvad in Västergötland, folding doors are produced in a highly automated and modern facility. Here, all development and production are gathered under one roof.

ProfilGruppen has been a supplier to Prido for almost 20 years.

Thanks to a long and well-developed collaboration at all levels, Prido can utilize our resources and knowledge, in the constantly ongoing development of the company’s gate system, says ProfilGruppen’s responsible salesman Ulf Svensson.
A good example is when the frames in the wicket doors were replaced from steel profiles to aluminum profiles with a “broken cold bridge”.

ProfilGruppen produces all aluminum profiles that are included in Prido’s various doors. Prido then picks up the profiles on call with its own cars directly from ProfilGruppen’s warehouse in Åseda.

Prido has two brands, the folding door Ecolid and the fast rolling door Revolid, which delivers both technology, finish and design combined with low costs for purchases and households.


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