Aluminium is a strong, ductile and durable material that requires zero maintenance, and is therefore the perfect choice for use in a variety of construction contexts. In the building, aluminum profiles are used, for example, in windows, doors, entrances and balconies. Its high resistance to corrosion and ability to withstand the elements mean that it can be used in an unlimited range of areas. We always work closely with our customers. We place great pride in adopting a personal and professional approach where your expectations and requirements are at the centre. It’s easy to work with us.

We are building for the future

Teknova is a family-owned company from Östergötland that for more than 30 years has delivered high-quality balcony, facade and window products, wet room cassettes and renovation systems for wet rooms.

The company delivers flexible and customized products, with a focus on quality and the environment where development and self-improvement work is constantly ongoing. The key word for the company’s products is aluminum – a modern, recyclable material that provides long life and minimal maintenance. For over 20 years, ProfilGruppen has had the trust and collaborated with Teknova, where almost all profiles come from us as the main supplier for the business. ProfilGruppen is involved early in the development collaboration – from sketch to construction and finally a finished product.

New design solutions

Teknova delivers customized solutions for both renovation and for completely new balconies, where their aluminum products provide a unique design for each property. Balcony railings and screen walls are available in various designs that suit all types and eras on properties, regardless of whether you want to keep the property’s original architecture or emphasize the new and modern. Teknova also offers four different glazing systems for glazed balconies, but also glazing for individual balconies.

Teknova values ​​the environment highly and therefore works actively to extract environmentally friendly and recyclable material. The products are designed to fit well regardless of bathroom and for a discreet installation, but also to be easily accessible for service and future interchangeability.

A wall system has also been developed for future requirements for bathroom renovation with shorter construction times and reduced environmental impact.


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