Significant events in the by ProfilGruppen AB partly owned German company PWG

The German company PWG, in which ProfilGruppen during 2006 acquired 18 percent, has experienced urgent quality and delivery problems in their US Company. This may also have serious consequences for the result in the German parent company.

ProfilGruppen’s total exposure in PWG is approximately 34 MSEK, of which 16 MSEK refer to ProfilGruppen’s owned part of the company.

During 2006 ProfilGruppen delivered products to PWG and the Dutch company Realpro, which PWG acquired during 2006, for a value of approximately 35 MSEK.

ProfilGruppen markets, develops and manufactures customised aluminium extrusions and components. Headquarter and production is located in Åseda, Småland, Sweden. The Group has 470 employees. ProfilGruppen AB was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange in June 1997.

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