ProfilGruppen’s EU project resulted in new product concept

ProfilGruppen’s EU project ”Aluminum in new ways” has resulted in a strengthened collaboration with Jönköping University/School of Engineering. A new product concept developed as a part of a joint product development project together with ABB Cewe-Control, one of ProfilGruppens customers, and in collaboration with Jönköping University provides interesting results and business opportunities.

– ABB is a very important customer for us, Account manager Rolf Axelsson explains. To be able to contribute in early stages of the customer’s product development processes means great opportunities to create solid product solutions with a large share of aluminum, in ways that fully build on aluminum’s unique material properties and available production technologies in our industry.

The product concept relating to ABB’s next generation charging post displays a good representation of what can be done in extruded, surface treated and machined aluminum.

– Our own sales engineering skills blended with industrial design competence from Jönköping University meant that we could find a process to systematically work with the array of product requirements in this project. We believe this product concept can be a best seller for our customer, Rolf Axelsson continues.

The industrial design student from Jönköping University, Marcus Lundberg, has worked on the product concept during some hectic spring weeks. He has recently received an honorary scholarship for best results and progression during his studies. The product concept that he developed in collaboration with ProfilGruppen and ABB, was taken into the account by the scholarship committee.

– This constitutes a fine example of how close collaboration between the industrial sector and academia can result in great products and new business opportunities, says Erik Hermansson, Project owner for the EU project ”Aluminum in new ways”. He is of course pleased with the effects of the project in this regard, and believes that this will be a more common approach for key customer in years to come.

When ProfilGruppen was granted EU funding for the project ”Aluminum in new way” at the end of 2009, it meant that the company had means to strengthen professional networks and strengthen different skills. One of the project collaborators where Jönköping University/School of engineering.

Apart from learning activities in areas such as business development, leadership, quality, technology, environment and health, the project also aimed at new products and new business opportunities.

At the end of the day the project ”Aluminum in new ways” is all about improved skills and employability among members of the different companies that has participated in the project.

– I can already detect important effects related to the project. Effects that will continue to make a difference in years to come, Erik Hermansson concludes.

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