ProfilGruppen to receive public funding for employee training

Structural fund partnerships Småland and Islands has annonunced its prioritization of the funding of 4 854 024 Swedish kronor from European Social Fund for learning and development that ProfilGruppen has applied for in a collaboration project. ”This gives us possibilities to significant investments in learning and development and constitute an important instrument in our aspirations to develop people and operations so that we stand even stronger when the market turns up”, says President and CEO Nils Arthur. The project Aluminum in new ways, that provides the foundation for the granted application, aims to both secure and create new jobs and to develop the employees through significant investments in learning and development. The project is expected to lead to new solutions, products and business opportunities within the aluminum sector. The learning and development activities cover areas such as quality, technology, leadership, sales/marketing and health. This collaboration project includes ProfilGruppens most importants subcontractors; Skandinavisk CNC-Teknik AB, Bredhälla Aluminiumförädling AB, Björköby Industriprodukter AB, FT-produktion, Touch Coating AB, Ebonyl AB, Ingenjörsfirma Bo Fransson AB, Nordiska Stålbyggen AB and Strömbergs Montage AB. In total these companies employ more than 500 people. Within the framework of the project, collaboration will take place with the School of Engineering Jönköping University, Aluminiumriket Sweden and Swedish Industrial Design Foundation. ”For the employees, these learning and development activities will not only improve their opportunities within respective company, they will also strengthen their position on the labour market in general”, says Nils Arthur. Project priorities of Structrual fund partnerships Småland and Islands are binding for the Swedish ESF Council and the projects will receive funding from European Social Fund.

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