ProfilGruppen gives notice of termination of 25 employees

There is generally great uncertainty about how the economy will develop. ProfilGruppen sees that demand has decreased during the autumn. Since the summer, the company has taken measures to adapt capacity, including not extending fixed-term employment. ProfilGruppen has now also decided to further adapt capacity by announcing dismissal of 25 full-time employees.
Negotiations with the trade unions will start as soon as possible and the layoffs are expected to take effect in December.

ProfilGruppen's president and CEO, Fredrik Zöögling, comments:
"It is always sad to have to part with talented employees. At the same time, it is necessary to adapt to the order situation.
We experienced high pressure at the end of last year and at the start of this one with higher production rates and headcount than ever before. During the autumn, demand has declined. We have had the flexibility to continuously adapt to demand, but are now forced to give notice of termination as a further step.
It will be important to find good solutions together with our union negotiating parties.
We will continue to maintain good delivery reliability to our customers and be sensitive to how the order situation develops and how we need to adapt to it."

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ProfilGruppen AB - Gives notice of termination of 25 employees