ProfilGruppen gets acting CEO and President

ProfilGruppen AB has appointed Per Owe Isacson as acting CEO and President with start from August 18, 2019.

As earlier announced the current CEO and President of ProfilGruppen, Per Thorsell, will leave ProfilGruppen on August 17, 2019 to move on to a new assignment.

The process of recruiting a successor for Per is ongoing.

As it is unsure for the moment if a permanent CEO and President will be in place when Per is leaving the Board has decided to elect Per Owe Isacson as acting CEO and President as from August 18, 2019.

Per Owe Isacson has industry experience of many years and was the compan’s Sales and Marketing Manager during the years of 2013-2018. Since January 2019 he is working as Senior advisor within the company.

Kåre Wetterberg, Chairman of the Board, comments:

”We are happy that Per Owe accepted to lead ProfilGruppen until a new CEO and President has been appointed. Per Owe is very familiar with the company and has the knowledge that is required for running the company.”

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