ProfilGruppen AB – Verification of sustainable and healthy procedures

During 2021, as a part of our continuous effort to become more sustainable, ProfilGruppen underwent a certification according to the sustainability standard of the aluminium industry wich is formed by Aluminium Stewardship Initiative, ASI. ASI is a global non profit organization that works to increase the sustainability contribution and transparency of the aluminium industry.
The certification that ProfilGruppen underwent is the ASI Performance Standard, which includes strict demands regarding control functions and business ethics as well as environmental protections and social aspects. The certification process included several days of third party review of the corporation and the final approval was communicated to us just as the year ended. The protocol from DNV will be available at: www.aluminium-stewardship.org.
Fredrik Zöögling, CEO and President of ProfilGruppen, comments:
“From start ProfilGruppen has striven to offer a circular alternative and has always been a responsible company with very high ambitions regarding sustainability, towards the environment as well as individuals and the society as a whole.

We know we have a sustainable business but it is very satisfying to have this verified by a third party with the certification by ASI. Now we will continue our process of continuous improvement and reach for the next level.”

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ProfilGruppen AB - Verification of sustainable and healthy procedures