ProfilGruppen AB: The nomination committee of ProfilGruppen proposes board members

The nomination committee of ProfilGruppen AB proposes Marianne Brismar and Fredrik Pettersson as new board members for the 2024 Annual General Meeting. The committee also suggests re-election of Tomas Berggren and Bengt Stillström. Stillström is proposed as chairman of the board.
Marianne Brismar has been the CEO of the forklift company Atlet and has furthermore been involved in various board positions, including Axis Communications, Derome, Greencarrier, and JOAB.
Fredrik Pettersson has been CEO of Stena Aluminium and Stena Recycling, as well as chairman of Svenskt Aluminium. Currently, Fredrik is engaged in his own consulting business.

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ProfilGruppen AB The Nomination Committee Of ProfilGruppen Proposes Board Members