CEO of ProfilGruppen resigns

CEO, Per Thorsell, has decided to leave ProfilGruppen to move on to a new assignment.

Per Thorsell was appointed in September 2014 and he has participated in one of the most expansive phases of the company.

Per Thorsell will leave on August 17, 2019. The Board will immediately start the process of finding a new CEO. 

Kåre Wetterberg, Chairman of the Board of ProfilGruppen, comments:

”During Per’s almost five year long leadership ProfilGruppen has developed very successfully. The turnover and profitability have had a very positive development and during this period the company has carried out several exciting investments for the future. The Board is very thankful for the way in which Per has been directing ProfilGruppen to where it is today and regret that he has now decided to leave.”

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