CEO of ProfilGruppen is leaving

Anders Frisinger, President and CEO, has decided to leave ProfilGruppen due to family reasons. Anders will leave the company on 1 February 2014. Kåre Wetterberg, today Chairman of the Board, will from this day be acting CEO. He will be temporarily replaced as Chairman of the Board by the Board member Bengt Stillström.

Kåre Wetterberg has since April 2013 been Chairman of the Board of ProfilGruppen. He has extensive experience from the aluminum industry and has over the years 1974-2011 worked in various positions within the Sapa Group, including as CEO.

Bengt Stillström is, with about 26 percent, one of the company's largest shareholders.

The recruitment of a new CEO of ProfilGruppen will begin immediately.

“To ensure the continuity of the business, while seeking a new CEO, the Board has chosen the solution that I hand over the chairmanship to Bengt Stillström and becomes acting CEO during this time. We think it is particularly important to maintain the continuity and the pace of the marketing initiatives we have made in the past year" says Kåre Wetterberg.

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