Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of ProfilGruppen AB (publ.)

* The Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 31 March 2009 at 15.00 in Folkets Hus in Åseda.

* The nomination committee proposes Eva Färnstrand as the new Chairman of the Board, who has been a member of the Board since 2008.

* Election of other Board Members:
It is proposed that the members Ulf Granstrand, Lars Johansson, Nils Arthur and Kjell Svensson are re-elected. It is proposed that Susanna Hilleskog is newly elected.

* It is proposed that fees payable to the Board are set at a total of SEK 1,070,000 including committee fees.

* The Board is proposing a dividend of SEK 1.00 (3.60) per share.

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