Financial statistics

Five-year summary20192018201720162015
Net sales/Revenue, MSEKMSEK1 622,11 618,31382,81132,0980,2
Profit before depreciation, amortisation and impairment, MSEKMSEK170,9162,9141,0104,144,8
Operating profit, MSEKMSEK113,2113,7103,969,122,9
Operating margin, %%7,07,07,56,12,3
Profit before tax, MSEKMSEK101,9107,699,765,017,8
Profit margin, %%6,36,67,25,71,8
Return on equity, %%20,323,926,020,86,2
Return on capital empolyed, %%18,023,925,619,07,4
Cash flow from current operations, MSEKMSEK110,7129,885,584,813,2
Investments, MSEKMSEK218,6137,765,350,868,4
Liquidity reserves, MSEKMSEK146,8366,4140,1165,1108,2
Net interest-bearing debt, MSEKMSEK300,2116,289,888,6133,8
Net debt to EBITDA, timestimes1,80,70,60,93,0
Interest-bearing liabilities and interest-bearing provisions, MSEKMSEK330,2142,3117,799,9143,1
Net debt/equity ratio, timestimes0,70,30,30,330,61
Balance sheet total, MSEKMSEK1090,1918,3742,1606,9539,7
Equity ratio, %%38,240,843,744,640,8
Capital turnover rater, timestimes2,63,43,43,13,0
Proportion of risk-bearing capital, %%43,344,948,149,245,7
Interest coverage ratio, timestimes9,716,923,314,53,8
Average number of employees466459442379339
Number of pisitions at year-end455468453393353
Staff turnover, % %7,47,26,23,66,2
Average age, yearsyears4444444546
Salary costs including social secuirty contributions, MSEKMSEK292,6285,3268,1229,3195,8
Revenue per employee (average), SEK 000´sTSEK34813526312929872892
Profit before tax per emplyee (average), SEK 000´sTSEK21923522617152
Per share
Average number of shares, thousands 1)thousands73997399739973997399
Earnings per share, SEKSEK9,9810,889,866,561,88
Cash flow from operating activities per share, SEKSEK14,9717,5411,5611,471,79
Net asset value per share, SEKSEK53,9048,8642,2435,5329,26
Dividend per share, SEK 2)SEK0,005,004,503,000,00
Updated: 2020-03-26

1) There is no dilution.
2) The figure for 2019 refers to the dividend proposed by the Board of Directors.

For definitions, see the last page of the annual report and the website.