The Board of Directors

The Board’s working practice is described below. Details of Board Members are found on a separate page in the left menu.

The Board makes decisions on issues that concern ProfilGruppen’s strategic approach, investments, financing, organisational issues, acquisitions and sales, as well as the more important policies. The Board’s work is regulated by, among other things, the Swedish Companies Act, the Articles of Association, the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance and the formal work plan established by the Board itself.

At the first Board meeting following elections, the Board elects a chairman and deputy chairman and makes a decision on authorised signatories. At this meeting, a formal work plan for the Board is also established, which applies until the next Board meeting following elections. The formal work plan regulates the Board’s overall work tasks, its approach to directorship, rules for Board meetings, division of work between the Board and CEO and the forms for ongoing financial reporting.

The Board meetings are arranged by the Chairman of the Board and CEO, who also determine the agenda for actual Board meetings during the year. The executive management supplies Board members with written reports and documents seven to ten working days before each meeting.

Meeting agendas contain permanent items. These relate to the CEO’S reports on:

  • development of the business
  • market trends and competition
  • development concerning personnel
  • environmental, health and safety issues
  • investment requests

Board meetings at ProfilGruppen are held at least four times per year and deal with different themes. Decisions are recorded by the Board’s secretary (the company’s CFO).

Throughout the year, the members of the Board receive monthly reports on the company’s financial and operational development.