To grow as a person and at work

At ProfilGruppen, we always try to look after the individual and their opportunity to develop. We believe that both person and company feel best when they thrive and feel meaningful in their professional practice. This is also the reason why we have clear development plans for all our employees.

Our care areas

An interaction between what we do in the big and the small is the basis for our ongoing sustainability commitment.

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Caring for society

Our basic principle is that we, as companies and individual employees, should engage and contribute positively to the development of the communities in which we operate.

Caring for the enviroment

Virtually all activities have an impact on the environment, positive or negative. Our aim is to minimize the negative impact and contribute to positive effects.

Caring for the business

Our vision is to be the preferred supplier of innovative solutions of aluminium extrusions in Northern Europe.

Caring for the individual

Consciously working to be an attractive workplace in order to attract, maintain and have the opportunity to develop employees with the right skills is an important strategic issue.

To work as Sales & Project Engineer

Listen to Magda Gyllenfjell who works as Sales & Project Engineer at ProfilGruppen

To work as shift manager

Listen to Semir Cuculj who works as Shift Manager at ProfilGruppen

To work as Manager Maintenance

Listen to Gustav Alm who works as Manager Maintenance at ProfilGruppen

To work as Manager at press Tor

Listen to Niklas Sundin who works as Manager at press Tor at ProfilGruppen

Keep in touch

If you are interested in working with us, you are welcome to send in your CV and a letter with a few lines about yourself, why you want to work at ProfilGruppen and what type of job you are looking for.

Do you want to do a exam work?

We are happy to receive your request for a dissertation or thesis. Our ambition is as far as possible to meet the requests we receive.

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    About ProfilGruppen

    Our values create the corporate culture that will characterise ProfilGruppen now and in the future. Our values are the expression of how we, as employees, should act and behave in our day-to-day work. Our values enable us to take the right decisions, fast. This ensures that our organisation is more flexible and fleet-of-foot. It is essential that we, both individually and as a team, live up to our values in order to achieve the vision of the future set out by ProfilGruppen. Our core values are: personally committed, responsive, rapid, professional and striving to continuous improvement

    Average age 42 years

    Established 1981

    Average number of employees 542

    Short-term sick leave 3,2%

    More HR Facts
    Wellness at work

    In order for us to stay healthy and happy, there are a number of wellness initiatives within ProfilGruppen. It is everything from subsidized wellness, exercise during working hours to staff club and joint wellness activities.