Since its founding in 1981, ProfilGruppen has been a company imbued with real entrepreneurial spirit. This doesn’t just mean being cost-effective in every respect, it also means acting in a way that enables customers to develop a simple and pragmatic relationship with us.

We believe that cutting-edge expertise and personal attention form the bedrock of a really rewarding collaborative relationship. Time after time, it has been shown that when we adopt a simple approach to difficult problems, we have a winning concept to hand. Then we can start talking about value-generating solutions. The entrepreneurial spirit is an important part of the company and something we will jealously guard to retain in the future.

We have many loyal employees who have been with us since the start. In addition, with the expansion of the Group over the years, we have also implemented an accelerated programme of recruitment. We currently enjoy a mixed age structure and a variety of skills and expertise. Our employees perform a number of different tasks in a range of fields, including sales, logistics, financial control, raw materials management, process control, extrusion, IT and quality and environment, to name but a few. As an employee, you will be working in a modern company that encourages creativity and personal responsibility. Personal development is a prioritised area in ProfilGruppen.


Our values create the corporate culture that will characterise ProfilGruppen now and in the future. Our values are the expression of how we, as employees, should act and behave in our day-to-day work. Our values enable us to take the right decisions, fast. This ensures that our organisation is more flexible and fleet-of-foot. It is essential that we, both individually and as a team, live up to our values in order to achieve the vision of the future set out by ProfilGruppen.


  • Personally committed
  • Responsive
  • Rapid
  • Continuous improvement
  • Professional