ProfilGruppen signs new agreement with Maximalfönster i Åshammar AB

ProfilGruppen Extrusions AB has signed an agreement to supply Maximalfönster i Åshammar AB. The agreement makes ProfilGruppen the company’s exclusive supplier of aluminium extrusions. The contract is estimated to have a total order value of approx. 10 MSEK per year.

Maximalfönster is a window manufacturer that is making good headway! Production is located in Åshammar, Sweden and the company’s primary market is found in the Nordic region. The product portfolio mainly comprises two window ranges with unique designs that enable a new window to be fitted up to 70 percent faster than a traditional replacement. This, combined with the fact that damage to window flannings has been eliminated, makes these windows extremely cost effective. The use of aluminium extrusions in the design increases product lifetime compared to other materials while keeping future maintenance needs to a minimum.

“We have a relatively streamlined organisation and need to surround ourselves with suppliers who understand our operations and our market. ProfilGruppen more than meets these requirements and as they are also thriving we feel confident in growing with them as our supplier,” says Cay Strandén, CEO of Maximalfönster.

“We are proud to have been chosen as exclusive supplier of aluminium extrusions to Maximalfönster i Åshammar AB. Our marketing efforts in Sweden, with new sales offices in both Stockholm and Umeå, have helped us increase customer insight. We are grateful for the show of confidence and naturally our ambition is to develop our existing good relationship with Maximalfönster and to create new business opportunities together,” says Per Owe Isacson, Marketing and Sales Manager at ProfilGruppen.


For more information, please contact:
Per Owe Isacson, Head of Sales and Marketing
Mobile: +46 (0)70 349 57 60
E-mail: po.isacson@profilgruppen.se



ProfilGruppen AB, located in Åseda in Småland, Sweden, is a supplier of turnkey customised aluminium extrusions and components.

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