Press release from the Annual General Meeting of ProfilGruppen AB (publ.)

* The Annual General Meeting decided that no dividend payout shall be made for the 2011 financial year (previous year SEK 1.50 per share).

* Eva Färnstrand (Chairman of the Board), Mats Egeholm, and Susanna Hilleskog were re-elected to the Board. Bengt Stillström and Thomas Widstrand were elected as new Board members.

* The Board was granted authority to make decisions on new share issues with the purpose to finance possible acquisitions.


Summary of the CEO’s speech and minutes from the meeting will be published on the company’s website, www.profilgruppen.se.


Contact for information:

Peter Schön, Acting CEO, mobile: 46 (0)70 339 89 99
e-mail: peter.schon@profilgruppen.se


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The information was submitted to the media for publication at 20.00 on 29 March 2012.

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