All production lines back in operation at ProfilGruppen

The production facility at ProfilGruppen that in June suffered from a major fire has now resumed its production after three months of production stop. Focus has from day one been on minimizing the negative impact for ProfilGruppens customers. This has gone beyond expectations since production could be re-routed to other presses. The restored pressline has also been partly modernized.

The production was up and running again already after three months, which is much faster than expected among both internal resources and external stakeholders. Clean-up work and reconstruction has proceeded faster than planned and already one month ago the testing of all processes began.

– “With a strong team, initiative focused, and commitment, we have managed to carryout the reconstruction better and faster than planned, “says Lars-Göran Nilsson, Project Manager and Maintenance Manager at ProfilGruppen.

An even better operating extruding press, based on modern technology and with updated features and systems is the result from the restoration work after the fire. Both control systems and peripheral functions, such as aging, diefurnance and billetheater, are upgraded.

Maintained customer focus, with high attention on customer delivery requirements has been of great importance for ProfilGruppen during this process. As a result, most orders has not been affected from neither delays nor quality issues. This has been possible thanks to skilled employees within the company who has ensured that the production could re-routed to the ProfilGruppens other two presses as well as to external partners.

– “The fast reconstruction of the press and our commitment to our customers has further strengthened our position as a reliable supplier in the market. With our larger press in production, our complete and unique extrusion knowledge is again available on the market” says John Anicic, Sales Director at ProfilGruppen.


Contacts for information:

Peter Schön, Acting CEO, mobile: 46 (0)70 339 89 99
e-mail: peter.schon@profilgruppen.se (peter.schon@profilgruppen.se)


ProfilGruppen is a supplier of complex customised aluminium extrusions and components.

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