ProfilGruppen is able to fulfil deliveries despite the loss of production after the fire incident

As previously reported ProfilGruppen was hit by an extensive fire at one of the company’s production facilities in Åseda during week 24.

ProfilGruppen is prioritising deliveries to all customers according to their needs, primarily by transferring current as well as future orders to the company’s other production facilities.

The cleanup work after the fire is in progress and it is now evident that the main machinery, installations and premises have incurred significant damage that has to be repaired. The extent of the damage is becoming clearer as the equipment is being dismantled and inspected. The preliminary assessment is that production at the facility will be resumed in October and that the costs will be covered within the insurance policy of the company.

The assessment is that future deliveries will not be affected to any larger extent due to the fire incident.


Contact for information:

Claes Seldeby, President and CEO, mobile: +46 (0)73 230 05 70
e-mail: claes.seldeby@profilgruppen.se (claes.seldeby@profilgruppen.se) 

ProfilGruppen is a supplier of complex customised aluminium extrusions and components.

This information is published in accordance with applicable laws, listing agreements and directives. The information was released to the media on June 28, 2011 at 18:00 CET.

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