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Broad customer platform

ProfilGruppen offers aluminium extrusions and processed components. We are a supplier with the right competence and resources. You can get help from us with everything from ideas and design to production and processing. We have a well-defined sales process that takes you through the entire flow, from design and construction to delivery of the prototype.

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Latest news

Pressrelease - The Nomination Committee of ProfilGruppen proposes new Chairman of the Board

The Nomination Committee of ProfilGruppen proposes new Chairman of the Board

Pressrelease 2021-02-11

Year-end Report 2020 - High production but low profit in the quarter

"Considering the second wave of the pandemic hit us in Novbember it is a strong achievement by the organization to deliver..."

Pressrelease 2021-02-09

Interim report Q3 - Low profit in the quarter but positive outlooks

”It has been a challenging third quarter with both deceleration and acceleration..."

Pressrelease 2020-10-20

Interim report Q2 - Heavy slowdown with some recovery

”The coming decrease in demand that our customers signaled in the end of the first quarter made us take powerful measures quickly..."

Pressrelease 2020-07-15
Next Level


We want to take our sustainability work to the next level.
As part of improving the structure, we have decided to certify ourselves according to the industry's own sustainability standard, ASI.
The first step we have taken is to become a member.
The next step is to certify our business according to ASI's sustainability standards.

The journey towards that certification begins now.

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Technical facts

This section will give you a more detailed insight into the technology, processes and parameters that affect the final results for aluminium extrusions or components. We interweave technical data with advice and tips about how to facilitate the design of aluminium extrusions/components.

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Consciously working to be an attractive workplace in order to attract, maintain and have the opportunity to develop employees with the right skills is an important strategic issue.

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