The first step toward the right extrusion properties

The extrusion drawing – an essential document

ProfilGruppens experienced design department will help you in the development of your new extrusion. This is where you will meet our designers who will solve your problems, give the extrusion the right properties and adapt it to production. During all design work, the extrusion drawing is the most essential document. It contains different views of the extrusion cross-section and detailed information on measurements, material, surface requirements and tolerances. The extrusion drawing is used to quality assure all links in the manufacturing chain, including:

  • verifying that the drawing meets requirements and needs;
  • during the manufacture of extrusion tools;
  • in order to direct and control manufacture;
  • as supporting documentation for suppliers of subsequent processes.

When producing an extrusion drawing, the designer uses a number of software programs for calculating, optimising and simulation. This provides detailed information on the properties of the extrusion without first needing to manufacture prototypes for testing. In order to complete the drawings, we use CAD programs that can communicate with most systems on the market.

Tool manufacture

With the extrusion drawings you have approved as supporting documents we order the tools required to produce your aluminium extrusion. The specifications, volume of orders and need for special tools determines the choice of tool supplier. The tool is manufactured of hardened steel and is unique for each
individual aluminium extrusion.

Before the tool is put to use, a thorough adjustment and test extrusion is conducted by our tool department. The resulting profile is control measured and compared with the extrusion drawing to ensure compliance with given tolerances. If required, you can also get a sample profile.