CEO and Group Management

The CEO is responsible for ongoing administration of the company in accordance with the Board’s guidelines and instructions. The group management at ProfilGruppen consists of the CEO and his immediate staff. The management group is responsible for plans, the budget and policies, among other things. The management group makes decisions on changes within the business affecting, among other things, organisational issues, the market and information. The management group is also responsible for preparing and assessing documents for future Board meetings.

Fredrik Zöögling – born 1966
CEO and President
Employed since 2019
B.Sc. Machine
No significant directorships outside the company, no shareholdings in other companies which are significant for the company. No related parties have shareholdings or financial instruments in the company.
Shareholding in ProfilGruppen: 0 shares

Ulrika Bergmo Sköld – born 1967
Employed since 2015
Shareholding in ProfilGruppen: 2,000 shares

Richard Nylin – born 1969
Head of Sales and Marketing
Employed since 2013
Shareholding in ProfilGruppen: 1 200 shares

Ulrika Svensson – born 1974
Manager HR
Employed since 2000
Shareholding in ProfilGruppen: 1,000 shares

Torgny Magnusson – born 1961
Manager Production
Employed since 1982
Shareholding in ProfilGruppen: 1,850 shares

Andreas Lindberg – born 1975
Supply Chain Manager
Employed since 2016
Shareholding in ProfilGruppen: 0 shares

Martin Lindstrand – born 1976
Manager Manufacturing
Employed since 2018
Shareholding in ProfilGruppen: 0 shares

Fredrik Uhrbom – born 1972
Business Area Manager Automotive & Global Accounts
Employed since 2013
Shareholding in ProfilGruppen: 1 606 shares