Short-length anodisation

In order to increase your choices and to ensure a more efficient process, ProfilGruppen has invested in a new facility for short-length anodisation. This is currently one of Europe’s most modern plants offering a rational surface treatment process with high-quality, consistent results.

Large sections of the facility for short-length anodisation are automated, which improves control and repeatability for all items. We are used to working with narrow tolerances, both in short and long runs. High capacity and a rapid flow means that we can offer very short lead times.

Facts about short-length anodisation
• Max. 1.5 metre-long extrusions
• Surface thickness 5–25 µm
• Organic dyeing
• Almost 100 colours
• Offers Alutin

Standard colours

We can apply the following standard colours on anodised profiles and components in short-length:

Standard_Kort_1 Standard_Kort_2 Standard_Lang_1 Standard_Lang_6 Standard_Kort_5

Special colours

First impressions are always the most important. With a unique special colour, you have the opportunity to customise your products and make them stand out. To the right you can see samples of all the special colous we offer for shortlength anodisation, as well as our standard colours.