Long-length anodisation

Anodisation of larger items demands a well-dimensioned production facility. ProfilGruppen’s unit for long-length anodisation can handle extrusions measuring up to 7.8 metres in length, which meets even very high capacity requirements.

Anodisation of long lengths does not normally involve the same narrow tolerances as short-length anodisation. However, the entire process is computerised, which guarantees good monitoring and quality control. We offer electrolytic colouring for long-length anodisation.


Facts long-length anodisation
Max. 7.8 metre-long extrusions
•  Surface thickness 5-25 µm
•  Electrolytic colouring
•  6 standard colours


Standard colours

We can apply the following standard colours on anodised profiles and components in long-length;

Standard_Lang_1 Standard_Lang_2 Standard_Lang_3
Standard_Lang_4 Standard_Lang_5 Standard_Lang_6