Surface treatment


Make your products unique

At ProfilGruppen anodisation is the most common method of surface treatment. Anodisation is an economical and environmentally-friendly method that produces long-lasting results. What benefits are you likely to get from surface treatment? The answer is simple – an eye-catching colour and customised surface properties that make your products unique and increase their value. With anodisation it is easy to tailor-make aluminium components that exactly match your requirements. Why not use a colour that complements your company profile or your finished product? Visible parts can be colour-matched to their surroundings, while integral parts can be located more easily simply by using colours. Exterior building extrusions can be given an attractive and durable surface that is resistant to wind and bad weather. If static electricity is a problem, we can make the surface conductive. We also have processes for producing EMC-shielded surfaces. Common to all areas of application is the fact that the right surface strengthens your profile, your products and, thus, your company’s position on the market.

Surface treatments create new possibilities

Aluminium is a metal with countless possibilities. Properties such as malleability and low weight have made this particular metal the first choice for many designers. To them, aluminium is rewarding to work with, as it combines aesthetics with high durability. Aluminium has a natural surface layer that can be both strengthened and modified. New exciting colours, resistant surfaces and modified electrical properties are all examples of what can be achieved through surface treatment. We are experts at surface treatment and have extensive experience of customising aluminium to meet ever-changing demands.

Advantages of anodisation

  • Protects against corrosion and wear
  • Produces decorative surfaces
  • Prolongs that “new” look
  • Meets stringent hygiene requirements
  • Good surface for adhesives, printing and painting